WI Private Detective Agency No. 16954-62

Address: P.O. Box 202

              Kennan, WI 54537-0202

Phone: (715)897-3767

e-mail: truth@psiservicesllc.com

About Michael Schuetz

Professional S&I Services LLC is owned and operated by state of Wisconsin licensed private investigator Michael Schuetz.

Wisconsin licensed private investigator Michael Schuetz firmly believes that everyone has the right to a fair and impartial defense prior to sentencing. He offers his just and unbiased services to defense attorneys through the preparation and presentation of Alternative Pre-Sentence Investigations and Alternative to Revocation reports as well as other criminal defense investigations. Mr. Schuetz provides the balance that is heavily needed in our criminal justice system. With nearly a decade of public service as a Wisconsin probation and parole agent, Mr. Schuetz has the experience needed to achieve honest results in every case he investigates.

Mr. Schuetz earned his Bachelor of Science degree in applied sociology with an emphasis in deviant behavior from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2003 and gained employment as a probation/parole agent for the state of Wisconsin. He has supervised many cases, including but not limited to murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, OWI, battery, and burglary. In addition, he has carried out numerous investigations pertaining to many of the same types of offenses.

Prior to seeking his applied sociology degree, Mr. Schuetz served in the United States Marine Corps and worked for many years in the trucking industry. These experiences, as well as his career as a probation/parole agent, have given him a heightened awareness of safety and the importance of security for one’s self, loved ones, and the community. With this in mind, Mr. Schuetz, has extended his services to include providing security systems for your home or business.

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