WI Private Detective Agency No. 16954-62

Address: P.O. Box 202

              Kennan, WI 54537-0202

Phone: (715)897-3767

e-mail: truth@psiservicesllc.com

Criminal Defense

Alternative Pre-Sentence Investigative Reports-  Preparation of a professional, unbiased recommendation for sentencing. This report will give a clear understanding of your client, along with a fair and concise sentencing structure for the sentencing judge to consider.

Alternative to Revocation Investigation- Provides a strong representation of appropriate alternatives to revocation which coincide with the clients risks and needs. This report will aid in the representation of your client during a Probation/Extended Supervision revocation hearing.

Interview/Surveillance/Investigate- Obtain the truth about your client's case. This investigation will provide you with a better understanding of the case in which you are defending, especially when your client is less than honest with you.

Plea Bargain Consulting- Development of a proposal that is beneficial to both your client and the State District Attorney.