WI Private Detective Agency No. 16954-62

Address: P.O. Box 202

              Kennan, WI 54537-0202

Phone: (715)897-3767

e-mail: truth@psiservicesllc.com

Customer Testimonials

"Mike Schuetz is very easy to work with. He completes assignments very quickly, and thoroughly. He presents well in court as well. I would highly recommend him for alternative PSI services."
--Attorney Haley Wright


"I would recommend Mike Schuetz to anyone who is facing a sentencing situation for their client and needs an alternative presentence report. He is very thorough and his reports lay out the client's situation in such manner as to give you an opportunity to put together a reasoned and worthy argument for sentencing. I have, and am currently, using his services and will continue to do so in the future...."
--Attorney Les Liptak